Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You All for Following

Hello all,

Might I begin this post by saying thank you all 6 kind and generous people for following this blog. Support, comments, etc. are appreciated.

I will be starting up on this one in a couple of days; preferably tomorrow, but time never tells the truth, so we'll have to see.

As a look ahead, I'm looking forward to chatting with you guys and discussing some things- anything you wish we can discuss- politics, comedy, current events, life, Triond, whatever- what I'm looking for are COMMUNICATION and PARTICIPATION.

Thank you for reading, and for following this blog.

See you around!

-Fresh Writing


  1. Hello Fresh,

    I thought we could discuss something that I have been thinking about for a little while now. The fact that almost every war in history seems to either be related to another one, related to some some sort of conquest, or both.

    For example, our war in Afghanistan is in part caused by Taliban rule which originated in part because of the Soviet invasion during the cold war. looking farther back, the Cold War had to do with hostilities between the U.S. and Russia, starting around 1917 after Russia dropped out of the WWI and had a revolution. also, WWII was largely caused by German anger from harsh conditions of the treaty from WWI and Italy and Japan were not happy by the small amount of territory they were given from being on the winning side. WWI became so big due to the many European alliances that were made due to previous war in Europe. that previous war was at least in part caused by old rivalries between countries from colonial times or even before. another example is the War of 1812. it was a war resolving conflicts left after the American Revolution and establishing the relationship between the U.S. and Britain. You could go on and on finding more examples but this is getting really long (sorry about that) so I should probably stop. My point again is that pretty much every war that has happened has been related to previous conflicts, wars, disputes, and conquest. Let me know what you think about this opinion and any other readers feel free to give your opinion on this.

    Thanks and sorry for the extremely long comment,

    -Resounding Glass

  2. Hello Glass,

    Interesting comment, and sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

    Does history have a connection with every war? I'd most likely say yes.

    The first Iraq War...the Soviet Union invasion...and how our image as a nation (the United States') has deteriorated over the years have all contributed to our present issue. As for our "image" declining, it doesn't help 9/11 attacks, as Muslim extremists (e.g., Osama, other members of the Al-Queda and the Taliban) continually hate Americans. What amuses me most is how Osama hates Obama - and considers him to be a misrepresentation of the black community.

    History has a war with North Korea also a possibility in the future? I certainly hope not...

    -Fresh Writing

  3. Hi Glass and Fresh,

    Well, i do not really believe that it is right to blame history for the wars we fight today. If our forefathers made a mistake then we should rather take lessons and refrain from war. Haven't we seen enough of blood, loss and suffering to see more. History just becomes a lame excuse to cover up our own greed and lust for power and control.
    If someone was done wrong in the past then is it not more becoming of him to forget it, move on and make peace rather than build the hatred and anger and strike back!


  4. hello all, i see you have been discussing such serious issue: history & war. how about, err I have a question: could you tell me, if one day, you have a travel to China, which city or attractions do you like most? plz tell me why ;-) thanks

  5. Hm...

    Hello Manya; thank you for responding. Yes, I do agree with you, history CAN sometimes be an excuse and a way to blame someone for something.

    What I was not saying is that we should never forgive and should always hate, but should note what we learn from these patterns. Genocide in Africa FIRST began (and I will have to check my sources on this) with Europeans snatching up bits and pieces of resources and dividing Africa. As they divided Africa, African tribes became angry, and soon rivalry and rebellion broke out.

    Many years (and centuries, really), we are fighting the same war.

  6. Hello Leisure Days,

    What cities/attractions do I like in China? Unfortunately, I don't think I've been to China- however, my brother has, and he said he DIDN'T enjoy Bejiing, because of the smog and overall air pollution. On the contrary, he did like visiting an overseas country- China was apparently quite fun to go to.

    Sorry that that wasn't very informative- if I personally had traveled to China (which I think would be boatloads of fun), I would give you more input on the matter.

    Are you running a survey, or...?

    -Fresh Writing